Asian Exotic Beauty Candi 1

Anatomically Correct Fashion Doll



Anatomically Correct

Nude Fashion Doll

This is a gorgeous custom Sexy fashion doll. She is an Asian Barbie doll. She has now been customized to be anatomically correct.

She is 11.5 inches tall. She has nipples on her breasts and hair down below. She has an incredible face paint she is just stunning to look at. Her face is just gorgeous and her hair is think and long. Her hair goes past her waist. This doll is being sold nude. She looks fabulous in clothes but she is so gorgeous without clothes that it is hard to cover her up.

I am not associated with Mattel and they do not endorse this product.





 ITEM # FD58
Price: $89.99
 Shipping: Based on 1 pound In the USA. $5.00
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