Crazy mussed Hair Fasshion Doll

Anatomically Correct with veins


Angry Penis down doll


Anatomically Correct

Nude Male Doll

This is a gorgeous male doll from the Barbie line. He has an erect penis that hangs down low and has veins and is painted in the angry and ready to go style. He has hair down below. He also has raised and painted nipples on his chest. This doll is just fantastic. He is 11.5 inches tall and is a very fun and unusual. He is being sold nude. He has great mussy hair, it is not painted on it looks so natural. Like a beach boy that is ready to go. This is a fun, very different kind of doll. A must to add to your collection.

This is a collector adult item and not a toy.

I am not associated with Mattel and they do not endorse this product.




 ITEM # MD607
Price: $99.99
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