Gorgeous Blond blue Eyed Posable Fashion Doll

Anatomically Correct Male Doll Natural



Anatomically Correct

Nude Male Doll

This is a Customization of a Mattel Fashion doll. He has incredible Blue eyes and blond short hair. He is vary rare and hard to find as a normal doll. He has now been redone, customized to be anatomically correct. He has a penis with balls and hair down below. He is very well endowed and is just stunning to look at. He is being sold nude. This doll has taken me a very long time to do. I do all my customizations by hand they are painted with expensive paints and sealed. I use very expensive materials, resins, varnishes, paints. These are Adult collector items and not toys.

I have been doing nude art for over 10 years and I am very proud of my dolls. They show the beauty of the human body.

I am not associated with Mattel and they do not endorse this product.



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