Gorgeous Long Hair Elf Ken

Anatomically Correct Male Doll



Anatomically Correct

Nude Male Doll

This is a Customization of a Ken doll. He is the most stunning Ken doll I have seen in a long time. He has elf ears. this is the only Ken doll every made with pointed ears. He has been redone, customized to be anatomically correct. He has nipples on his breasts and a flaccid penis with hair down below. He is very well endowed and is just stunning to look at. He is being sold nude. This doll has taken me a very long time to do. He is just amazing. I do all my customizations by hand they are painted with expensive paints and sealed. These are collector items and not toys. I have been doing nude art for over 10 years and I am very proud of my dolls. They show the beauty of the human body.

I am not associated with Mattel and they do not endorse this product.



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