Frodo Lord of the Rings

Anatomically Correct Male Doll



Anatomically Correct

Nude Male Doll

This is an OOAK Frodo Doll. This Lord of the Rings action figure has been modified to be anatomically enhanced. He is hysterical. He even has the hand Grip, ready for action or just to hang out with himself. The box is not great but the doll is new, never played with. Just taken out to do the modifications on him and then put back in the box. He comes with all his accessories except his jumpsuit does not fit anymore. He also comes with a sword that is not attached. This would be a great gift for one with a great sense of humor. Even though he is funny. He was painstakingly done to look fantastic. He was hand painted and sealed with very fine paint. He is about 8 inches tall. This is a Batkatcreations modification original. This one really makes me smile. He was just so sad looking and now he is a sexy beast.

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