Gorgeous Blonde Hairy Chested Fashion Doll

Anatomically Correct Male Doll


Prince Hairy doll


Anatomically Correct

Nude Male Fashion Doll

This is a Customization of a gorgeous Fashion doll. He was a prince doll. His hair is cut short in the back long on ths sides. That is how he came. He has incredible blue eyes and blonde sexy hair. He has been redone, customized to be anatomically correct. He has an erect penis with scrotum and hair down below. He has had a gorgeous hairy chest that is just soo sexy. He is very well endowed and is just stunning to look at. He is being sold nude. He has raised nipples on his chest.

These are Adult Nude Art collector items and not toys.

I am not associated with Mattel and they do not endorse this product.



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