Bigfoot Trophy


Bigfoot Penis


Huge Bigfoot Penis Trophy

This is a novelty art trophy. It is made of very expensive resin and hand carved and painted. It is sealed with clear acrylic that makes him shine. He weighs 4 pounds by himself without shipping for protection so about 5 pounds to ship.

The backpiece is from a 70 year old tree that is still alive in my backyard. This branch had to be cut down as it was extending into the neighbors yard. The tree is huge and beautiful and still growing strong. The wood has been stained and sealed.

This is a fun and stunning piece of work. It was fun to do and it should start some great conversations.

This would look great in your cabin or woodsy den.



 Shipping: Based on 5 pounds USPS Mail. This item is too big for international shipping, so sorry.


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